Cable Types


XLR Cable

    XLR Cable is used to connect microphones and other balanced sources into audio interfaces and consoles. We use high quality quad-core cable for all of our microphone cables, which provides the benefit of additional noise reduction along the cable.

TRS Cable

    TRS Cables are 1/4" cables used for balanced audio equipment. These may be used for balanced 1/4" TRS outputs on consoles, inputs for studio monitors or other professional-grade audio equipment. We use the same quad-core cable as XLR cables for these.



1/4" Instrument Patch Cable

    1/4" Cable is used to connect a wide variety of unbalanced sources into audio interfaces, consoles, and other audio equipment. One of the primary uses for this type of cable is plugging guitars into pedalboards, amps, or consoles. It uses 1/4" TS connectors. Comes in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 5 feet in length.

FXLR/MXLR Turnarounds

    XLR Turnarounds have the same connectors on both ends. MXLR has two male connectors (pins), and FXLR has two female connectors (sockets). 


    These cables convert from XLR to TRS. FXLR has a female XLR on the XLR end, and the MXLR has a male XLR on the XLR end. These can be used for connecting balanced sources with different connector types to each other.